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Perucho and El Gato Negro

This batch of limited special edition hand made cigars were created to honor my business partners father nicknamed, “Perucho” and the life and business our family left behind when we were exiled from Cuba. The image is of the plaza del mercado, in Guiness, Cuba were he owned and operated his first store called, El Gato Negro, which sold everything from hardware, to watches, toys, general merchandise and yes, even cigars and unlike popular myth, the black cat store was very lucky and successful family owned company. This was of course until it was taken away by the brutal communist government of dictator Fidel Castro, forcing our family to immigrate legally to the USA. Luckily we were welcomed with opened arms and fortunate to become American Citizens. This is a limited edition, Cuban inspired cigar, handmade from all nicaraguan tobaccos, a San Andreas wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and long leaf tobacco. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!